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Prevent downtime and optimize your network

VoIP, syslog, SNMP, ICMP and more...

LANtern makes light work of maintaining smooth and efficient running of your organisation's network. Fault-finding is quicker and easier with simple process-of-elimination technology and most problems can be fixed remotely saving you the cost of calling out an engineer every time you experience network issues.

Networks have become increasingly complex over the last couple of decades. The presence of an increasing number of devices has created a need for precise network management and performance monitoring.

User numbers, website traffic and malware software on devices can all impact network performance. Small issues could easily go undetected, leading to significant downtime if left untreated.

LANtern can detect network issues quickly and easily by process-of-elimination technology. The LANtern device can tell you where problems lie and which elements/devices are working as they should be, giving users total peace of mind.  


Maintain optimal network performance...

Features and benefits

Remotely Identify and resolve network issues

Aggregate metrics from multiple sites in one place

Bandwidth data monitoring quickly identifies device shortfalls

Stay secure with encrypted communications

Smart alerts enable seamless network performance

Precision monitoring enables a view of even the smallest details

Save time. Save money.

As a service provider with over 25 years of experience we know the daily network challenges faced by most organisations all too well.

Poor network design and performance affects critical services such as VoIP and Video calls. Disruptions in the network and slow speeds can cause frustration in employees and decrease productivity. It can also impact website visitors’ user experience.

So, investing in a good network monitoring solution is vital and will save you time and money in the long term.


Look into the future.

Our goal is to help our customers maintain optimal network performance and availability and to ensure continuous uptime.

LANtern has been designed to continuously monitor the health and performance of networks and serves as the first line of defence against disruptions and failures.


By gaining full visibility into the network LANtern users can easily foresee anomalies and take steps to either prevent likely issues or quickly resolve network problems as they emerge.

Act quickly to resolve network issues.

LANtern can aggregate data from multiple sites into one dashboard on the Cloud Server. Using this system, our technical team can spot issues and make quick decisions on how to resolve them.

Affordable network monitoring

Having a dedicated team monitoring the network’s performance is not a feasible solution for many SME’s as the resources required, overweigh the benefits.

LANtern is unique. Data received from the network is simplified with this network monitoring solution in place, so non-technical staff can easily recognise network issues.

You will see what the benchmark for your network is and easily notice the service degradation.

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